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Recommended Japanese Knives

Santoku means “three virtues”, because it is well suited to cutting Meat, Fish and Vegetables. It is a multipurpose knife and most popular kitchen knife in Japan..

Japanese Santoku Knives

Zen-Pou TC Damascus Santoku 185mm
In addition to the beauty of hand-forged damascus steel, it also has excellent functionality as very sharp VG10 steel cutting edge , comfortable western style handle and resistance to oxidation.

Zen-Pou SP Damascus Santoku 170mm
Zen-Pou series Santoku type mirror polished damascus knife. VG10 steel cutting edge is very sharp, and it is beatiful as an art or craft. One of the highest grade kitchen knives in our store.

Minamoto Santoku 180mm
US$ 79.00

This is a perfect kitchen knife by collaboration of the best European steel and Japanese technology. made by Sandvik 19C27 High Carbon Stailess Steel. Sandvik is one of the biggest steel companies in the world which was founded in Sweden 1862.

Saiun Damascus Santoku 170mm
US$ 123.00

Strong blade , an elaborate handle.. if you do not care about weight, or prefer heavy knives, this Saiun series is very recommended. 33 layers damascus blade , VG10 Steel cutting edge(core) , handle material is Micarta... made of highest grade materials.

Inoguchi Santoku 170mm
US$ 59.00

Since the 1960 founding, it is a very popular kitchen knife as for professional chefs and home use. Made by veteran craftsmen with more than 40 years career, the product is carefully finished..

Kawamura Small Santoku 160mm
US$ 79.00

His work was broadcast by Japan national TV channel NHK. Forged enough to perform maximum steel quality, and the shape is very beautiful as an art.

Kaneatsu Santoku 185mm
US$ 112.00

Damascus kitchen Knife with VG10 steel(the core of VG10 is integrated in Damascus Steel) is one of the most luxurious Japanese knives.

Gyuto is the Japanese version of classic Western chef's knife. Use it for cutting Meat, Fish and Vegetables. It is a multi-purpose knife like Santoku. Also known as Chef's knife.

Japanese Gyuto/ Chef's Knives

Minamoto Damascus Gyuto 210mm
US$ 128.00

Minamoto knives are renowned for their precious work. And this is top quality knife of the same brand. Good length for cutting meat or large vegetables!

Saiun Damascus Chef/Gyuto 200mm
US$ 132.00
Saiun series has inherited the tradition of Japanese swordsmith craftsman "Kanetsugu" (1300-1349)... The blade has enough thickness and weight ... hard to bend, strong and very sharp.

Inoguchi Gyuto Chef 210mm
US$ 65.00

Made by veteran craftsmen with more than 40 years career, the product is carefully finished.
The design looks like simple, but very comfortable to use , sharp and easy to resharpen.

Zen-Pou WA Damascus Gyuto /Chef 215mm
US$ 143.00

33 layer damascus , japanese traditional style kitchen knife.
The cutting edge is made of A10 which is the highest quality stainless steel of company "Aichi steel". Hard, very sharp and has resistance to oxidation.

Futawa Gyuto 180mm
US$ 67.00
Price is not high, but made of very good material and comfortable to use.This is one of the most recommended kitchen knives.

Petty Knife is for delicate work such as peeling, de-seed and slicing vegetables and fruit. Recommended as your second knife. and it is an essential tool for bartenders who serve fresh fruit garnishes.

Japanese Petty Knives

Saiun Damascus Petty 150mm
US$ 85.00

Saiun series has inherited the tradition of Japanese swordsmith craftsman "Kanetsugu" (1300-1349).
This petty has only 90grs , but it is very sharp , strong and has high quality micarta handle.

Zen-Pou TC Damascus petty 140mm
US$ 75.00
This is petty type hammered damascus knife. VG10 steel cutting edge is very sharp, and hand-forged damascus blade has own beauty of steel. With this beautiful kitchen knife, you can work with fun!

Zen-Pou SP Damascus petty 140mm
US$ 73.00

What a beautiful! and very sharp. Zen-Pou SP damascus is one of the highest grade kitchen knives in our store. peeling and slicing vegetables , fruits... you can work with fun.

Inoguchi petty 160mm
US$ 43.00

The design looks like simple, but very comfortable to use , sharp and easy to resharpen.
Many customers love this Inoguchi TS-Madam series kitchen knives.

Other recommended Knives

Saiun Pro-J Slicer 210mm
US$ 115.00

Mainly it used for cutting meat. And also as instead of Yanagiba kitchen knife, can cut Sashimi very sharp without breaking the figure.

Kawamura Nakiri/Usuba 165mm
US$ 82.00

For 40 years, Master Kawamura has manufactured handmade kitchen knives in his workshop. His work was broadcast by Japan national TV channel NHK.

Sharpening Stone #1000 + #3000
US$ 58.00

Suehiro : 180mm x 60mm x 25mm

 sharpener and knife
How to sharpen a knife.
After using for some period, the knife edge will be rounded.
To maintain enough function, it is recommended to sharpen constantly.

A world without knives by Seki city
types of japanese kitchen knives

To make sashimi and sushi.

Zen- Pou Yanagiba Sashimi 240mm
US$ 128.00

Yanagiba/Sashimi kitchen knife for professional chef. Blade material is carbon SHIROGAMI steel.

Tojiro Deba 150mm
US$ 95.00

Deba is japanese traditional knife.It is used for fish cleaning.Also you can cut meat and chicken including thin bones without losing edge.

Sashimi Tweezer , Fish Bone Remover
US$ 14.00

<How to make Sashimi>
<How to cook Sushi>

Other Recommended Products

Japanese Mandoline vegetable slicer
US$ 31.00

314mm x 92mm x 24mm

Japanese Profesional mandoline vegetable slicer
US$ 49.00

350mm x 128mm x 25mm

Nail clippers Parada (M)

As kitchen knives, Nail clippers are also typical product of the smith city Seki /Japan.
We have received many orders for gift!

Nail clippers Parada (L)

This is large size.
Japanese Chopsticks
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The tradition of Japanese smith has continued nearly 700 years , and the quality is known internationally. Try it! to enjoy cooking.

History of Japanese kitchen knife began in the stone age, and whether made of stone, steel or ceramics, knives have been indispensable tools for humans. The oldest Japanese knife that exists now is from the Nara period (710-794), it is saved in Shousouin Museum. The shape of this knife is similar to Japanese sword and has very long handle. This type of knife was used until the middle of Edo period.

The age of Samurai:
1467 - 1595 In Japan there was an age called Sengoku-jidai. It was period of the warring states. There were many wars all over Japan. And after Sengoku-jidai, Edo period (1603-1868) it was also the age of Samurai. That's why a lot of swords were needed in this period, and Seki, Bizen, Yamato (Nara), Sanjo ... were the main places of crafting. Magoroku-Kanemoto, Okazaki-Masamune ... Have you ever heard their names ? they were known as the master of swordsmith.
This technique to craft Japanese sword is also applied to the Japanese kitchen knife.

In the 1850s, when Commodore Perry's Black Ships anchored in Yokohama-Ugara Bay, to demand to open the isolated ports to the western commerce. Then samurai period was over and the Meiji era began (1868-1912), japanese culture changed a lot.
Many cooking methods came from the west , and also came Western-style knife. Gyuto is a blend of Western knife and traditional Japanese knife.

In the modern times, "Bunka kitchen knife" was developed with a shape that combines the advantage of the Gyuto and Nakiri knife. and later, knife Bunka evolved to Santoku.
Now Santoku is the most popular kitchen knife in Japan, and it is called with the same name also abroad. Today Japanese kitchen knives are known as high quality, and also the skillful technique behind is well recognized.