Factories Area
(June 3, 2016)
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  3. Factories Area (June 3 , 2016)

In the southern part of Seki City there is an area,
It's called "Hitase".

Here, there are several knife manufacturers.

At the back, also there is Henckels factory which is the number one knife maker of Germany.

In this area, we found a manufacturer that makes very beautiful and very good quality knives.

This company was founded in 1918,
has inherited the tradition of swordsmith,
and reproduced the characteristics of Japanese sword with modern technology.

Edge of sword (left)
Edge of normal knife (right)

In this factory they are working about 15 people very concentrated.

We will be selling their knives on the following page soon.

Please check products details.

(June 3 , 2016)