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Product Name

Japanese kitchen knife Sanjo Kawamura Small Santoku 160mm

Blade Material

Shirogami Carbon Steel + Stainless Steel




Blade: 160mm (6.3inch) / Total:305mm (12inch)


118grs (4.16oz)


US$ 98.00JPY US$ 79.00
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For 40 years, Master Kawamura has manufactured handmade knives in his workshop.
His work was broadcast by national TV channel NHK.
Forged enough to perform maximum steel quality, and the shape is very beautiful as an art.

The edge of carbon steel called Shirogami is integrated in stainless steel.

Shirogami(Carbon Steel) is one of the best Japanese steels. (It's a kind of carbon steel.)

Good maintenance is necessary to avoid rust. But Shirogami is good steel for Japanese knives. (Many Japanese profesional chef prefers Shirogami Steel Knife) It is very sharp and easy to resharpen.

Natural wood with plastic in classic shape (For use with right hand).

  1. Edge part approx.5 mm is carbon steel(not stainless steel). To avoid rust , please keep clean and dry well after each use.

  2. Do not use for any frozen foods or bones.

  3. Not recommend to clean in dishwasher.