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Method of payment : We accept paypal and credit card.

  1. Payment with Paypal.
    You can pay with Paypal at the end of the ordering process.

    If you do not have paypal account , please register in following web page.

    - About PayPal -
    PayPal is the largest online payment service in the world. Allows you to shop without sharing your financial information, and offers protection on purchases.

    PayPal protection covers purchasing and management in following cases:
    1. Items not received.
    2. Very different from the description.
    3. Unauthorized transactionsfrom your PayPal account.

  2. Payment with Credit card (VISA , Master and JCB).
    You can pay with Credit card at the end of the ordering process. (You do not need paypal account.)

    At the end of ordering process, click ""button.
    On the next page, click ""button. (You do not need paypal account)

    Appears the page to enter your information, and you can pay with credit card.



Shipping Cost


U.S.A. , Canada US$ 12.00 US$ 7.00 5-6 days
Australia US$ 12.00 US$ 7.00 5-6 days
Asia US$ 9.00 4-5 days
Europa US$ 14.00 US$ 9.00 10 days
Middle East US$ 14.00 US$ 9.00 10 days
Africa US$ 18.00 2 weeks
Mexico , Center America US$ 12.00 US$ 7.00 1 week
South America US$ 18.00 US$ 14.00 1 week - 10 days

Total cost that customer pays

  1. Goods price

  2. Shipping cost
    Depends on destination (country). Please check rate table.

  3. Import duties and taxes
    We do not request payment of these charges. If necessary, it will be requested by post office or customs when you receive the goods.

Transport Guarantee

Cancellation Return and Refund