CJ004 Japanese kitchen knife Yabagiba Sashimi Jikkou 210mm

  • Item No. CJ004 Japanese kitchen knife Yabagiba Sashimi Jikkou 210mm

  • Blade 210mm, Total Length 320mm / Weight 120grs / Shirogimi carbon steel / Wood Handle

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We have shipped this kitchen knife mainly to Switzerland , Spain , United States, Canada , Mexico , Argentina , Luxembourg , Taiwan , Netherlands , and Chile.
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Yaganiba is japanese classic style knife.
It is used for preparing Sashimi, Sushi.

Yanagiba Knife has a characteristic shape for better cutting. Cut sashimi without breaking the fiber.
(Yanagiba blade must be sharpened only one side. sharpen photo left.)

Carbon steel Yanagiba knife is easy to oxidize, so good maintenance is needed.
But sharper than stainless steel knife, and easy to resharpen.
So this is preferred by professionals.

Cut pulling as drawing shape of an arc

To avoid oxidation: clean with hot water and dry quickly after using. and protect with a little oil.
It is an idea to save carbon steel knife. Oil of the book prevents oxidation.