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Kitchen Knives Maintenance


Salt , water, acid ... these food components cause rust, So to avoid oxidation it is important to remove these components.
  1. Wash knives after using.
    You need only sponge and cooking detergent or soap, you do not need special detergent.

  2. Also important to dry after cleaning.
    Remove moisture with dry cloth.(But if you have stainless steel knife, it is not very necessary. Does not rust easily.)

Do not warm with the fire to dry quickly.
Because the fire changes the characteristic of steel and lose edge function.

(Hot water, no problem.)


To maintain the edge quality , it is very important to sharpen constantly.
  1. You can use easy knife sharpener, but to regain the edge it is recommended sharpening with a stone.
    See how to sharpen with a stone.

  2. To fix broken blade : If you find some chipping , use rough sharpening stone.

    We sell rough stone # 120.

    Do not forget to sharpen with stone # 1000/ # 3000, after sharpening with # 120.
    (small chipping, can be recovered with the medium stone # 1000.)

To use knives at home, it is recommended to sharpen every 1 or 2 months.
If you are professional chef, should sharpen more.

Remove the rust
  1. You can use rust remover or cork with kitchen cleanser.
    Clean each time before grow deep and large oxide.

  2. It is dangerous to remove oxide of edge part.
    So recommend to sharpen with a stone.

  1. If your knife is stainless steel, you do not need to care much. Just keep it in low humidity place.

  2. If you have carbon steel knife, it is recommended to keep in newspaper. Paper's oil prevents oxidation.

  3. If you do not use carbon steel knife long time, put a little oil on the blade and keep in newspaper. (When you use again, wash well before cutting.)

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