Vg10 damascus knives
The vg10 damascus steel knife is one of the knife kinds defined by the material and structure of the blade.

VG10 is one of the best Japanese stainless steels, and this VG10 (edge) is sandwiched between several different steels on both sides. It has a hardness (HRC = approx. 61) and very sharp despite stainless steel. VG10 damascus knives are the best sellers in our store.

CY210 Japanese Gyuto/ Chef's knife TC Damascus Zen-Pou 215mm

CY211 Japanese Usuba knife TC Damascus Zen-Pou 165mm

CY203 Japanese Santoku knife TC Damascus Zen-Pou 185mm

  • Blade 185mm (7.28inch) , Total Length 305mm (12inch) / Weight 176grs (6.20oz) / Vg-10 Damascus steel / Mahogany Wood Handle >Details

  • US$130.00  US$98.00

CS102 Japanese Santoku knife Damascus Saiun 170mm

CY201 Japanese Santoku knife SP Damascus Zen-Pou 170mm

CS101 Japanese Gyuto/Chef knife Damascus Saiun 200mm

CY104 Japanese Gyuto/ Chef's knife Damascus Minamoto 210mm

CY105 Japanese Santoku knife Damascus Minamoto 180mm

CS104 Japanese Petty knife Damascus Saiun 150mm

CS105 Japanese Paring knife Damascus Saiun 90mm

CY202 Japanese Petty knife SP Damascus Zen-Pou 140mm

CY204 Japanese Petty knife TC Damascus Zen-Pou 140mm

CS201 Japanese Santoku knife Saji Black damascus 180mm

CS202 Japanese Santoku knife Saji polished damascus 180mm

CS204 Japanese Gyuto knife Saji polished damascus 180mm

cs007 / Japanese kitchen knife Damascus Santoku Sekimagoroku 165mm